Additional Resources & Information:
  • Benchmarking:
    The same data were analyzed by both FastBMD and BMDExpress 2 to evaluate the performance against an established software
  • Tutorial:
    An example analysis conducted with FastBMD
  • Statistical Backend
    Majority of the statistical analyses are based on R (4.0.5) using R packages below:
    "limma", "vsn", "edgeR", "DESeq2", "lattice", "Cairo", "stringr", "RColorBrewer", "data.table","compiler", "genefilter", "preprocessCore", "RJSONIO"
  • Web Framework
    The web application has been developed based on JavaServer Faces (JSF) using libraries below: "PrimeFaces (v11)", "jQuery EasyUI", "Sigma.js", "EChart.js", "CanvasXpress"
  • Server Information
    FastBMD is currently hosted on a Google Cloud Engine optimized for high-performance computing