Update History
  • Upgraded to PrimeFaces 11 and minor interface updates (12/28/2021);
  • Fixed a bug for FDR filter; Improved efficiency of interactive pathway page (11/26/2021);
  • Add interface option for XLA v1 chip (10/22/2021);
  • Added Ensembl IDs for genes, transcripts, and proteins for rainbow trout (08/12/2021);
  • Upgraded to PrimeFaces 10.0 (04/28/2021);
  • Added NCBI annotation support for fathead minnow (04/22/2021);
  • Fixed small bug where microarray normalization options were displayed for RNA-seq example data (03/16/2021);
  • Added Update History page for better tracking the progress and major changes (03/16/2021);